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Onny CofE (A) Primary School: iPad Training

  • Any Do - Keep on top of your 'To Do' lists
  • Dropbox - Move files on and off your iPad easily
  • Evernote - Make notes which synchronise with your computer & phone.
  • Feedly - Read the latest news and announcements for websites that matter to you.
  • Flipboard - Browse all your Social media feeds like a magazine
  • Google Chrome - Synchronise your bookmarks & browsing history with your computer & phone
  • Google Drive - collaboratively create and edit word, excel and PowerPoint presentations for free.
  • Google Maps - Replace your cars Sat nav with a free, always up to date mapping & GPS system.
  • Google Hangouts - Hold free live video conferencing with multiple people at the same time.
  • Skype - Hold 1-2-1 video and/or audio calls with people, or send them free text messages.
  • YouTube - Does this need an explanation? ;)

Paul Andrews,
19 Dec 2013, 07:25