Year 1

On this page you'll find links to all of the materials and resources used to teaching computing to the Year 1 classes in the school.

An introduction to YouTube & Grooveshark

In this session, pupils will learn how to search Youtube, Grooveshark & Google Image search for videos, music and images respectively.

In doing so they will also learn how to use Google Chrome to browse the internet and save pages (videos and songs) to 'favorites' for quick access later.

In this session, pupils will use Google Image search to find pictures based upon what they have been studying in class and then edit it using a free, online paint programme.

The resulting image will then be painted in Microsoft Word where children can then add text to the page along with the picture.

Letters to a fictional character

Contribute ideas to a class email and together respond to messages from a character in a book the class are reading/learning about. Pupils handwrite the letters to a character in a book the class are reading/learning about and then type them up using (this developed keyboarding skills).
In regular class, the teacher talks to the children about writing a class email to the character, taking the best ideas from the class - the teacher then emails the character who then responds via email to set up an ongoing dialogue, this could include photos and video if appropriate - this then provides a talking point for email and online safety in general.