Year 2

On this page you'll find links to all of the materials and resources used to teaching computing to the Year 2 classes in the school.

Developing keyboard skills

For this topic, children will further develop their keyboard skills.  Developing typing speed, aiming for a minimum speed (to be determined by teachers) by the end of the year.

Once the children have increased their typing speed, we will move onto typing out work into a 'distraction free' word processor, called

Developing Internet Search Skills

This topic will cover multiple criteria fro the computing curriculum, namely:
  • Develop questions about a specific topic and use information to answer those questions 
  • Begin to navigate within a website using hyperlinks and menu buttons to locate information 
  • Begin to manipulate information using copy and paste for a specific purpose 
  • Enter given text into a search engine to find specific given web sites 
  • Understand that web sites have a specific address e.g.
  • Locate links to web sites from Favourites or saved hyperlinks, intranet or from the Learning Platform 
  • Use basic information from the internet.
Pupils will be tasked with creating a Padlet on a specific topic that they are covering in class.  Initially each pupil will have their own disposable Padlet but eventually they will be placed into groups and these groups will have Padlet logins to enable them to save their work and carry on editing the Padlet on the run up to the end of term.