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Individuals & home tuition

How we can help you

For home users we offer two core home tuition services:
  • How to get the best out of your home technology
  • Private mathematics tuition for all levels up to and including A-Level.
For both services, we can design and deliver a personalised training plan bespoke to you are your needs, which provides you with the he skills and knowledge to achieve your goals or pass that next important exam.

Maths tuition

Technology tuition

We offer a range of technology home tuition services, which include:

  • The basics - let's demystify it all.

  • Sending and receiving emails.

  • Online shopping and banking.

  • Word processing and desktop publishing - create stylish letters and documents.

  • Surfing the web - research your hobbies and interests and look up old friends.
  • Buying and selling on Ebay.

  • Managing and editing digital photographs, music and video.

  • Making your own website.

  • Making your own Smartphone app.

  • Making your family internet connection safer for your children.

  • ... and much, much more!