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Conference workshops & keynote talks


How we can help you

Working closely with you and identifying the key themes of your event we can design and deliver:
  • Keynote Talks to open or close your event.

  • "Hands on" face to face or online workshops & seminars for your delegates.

  • What conference delegates say:

    "Excellent, loved it - great presenter, useful ideas, different way of looking at things. Demystifying, almost myth-busting, and full of energy."

    "Great visuals, engaging speaker, lots of useful and relevant info. He should be rolled out as exhibiting all the best textbook teaching traits and making them work!!"

    "Really excellent. He’s obviously a great speaker and what he did so well is present really concrete, specific techniques and tools we can use, but he placed them in the wider context of what learning developers do, how we currently employ technology, and how we can do it better."

     "A thoroughly engaging, inspiring talk. More than any other event, this has moved me to experiment with technologies that I’d previously not got round to using and in some cases was not aware of, with a view to incorporating these into my work; a very clear, thoughtful exposition behind the engaging showmanship!"

    Social media integration and event promotion.

  • Interactive academic posters.

  • A bespoke mobile app for your event for your delegates to download and use before, during and after your event.

  • Audio and video recordings of any seminars, workshops or keynotes which we deliver.

  • ... and much, much more.

Services & pricing

Because all of the software we advocate is free and open source, you only ever pay for our time, which is rounded up to the nearest hour and includes any travel, preparation or administration time which is required.  
This will always be included in your initial quote so there are no nasty surprises.

All of our services are fully customisable and can be tailored to meet your precise needs, please contact us to discuss your requirements & we will create a bespoke package for you and your organization.