Jing (Screencasting)

Quite often teachers need to include screen shots of WebPages or videos that demonstrate to students how to use bits of software - usually when creating "How to" guides for students so that they know how to get a certain task done.

There are several free tools that will let you do this but the one I consistently use on a daily basis is Jing.

Watch the video below to learn more:

>> Click here to go to the JING website <<

Jing Manual

You can download a PDF manual for Jing by clicking here.

Other Software

If Jing is not for you then try some of these other links below:

Screen Grabbing

  • Talon

    Take & edit screenshots of websites really easily by adding "aviary.com/" in front of the URL of the page you wish to capture, or just paste the URL into the box provided on Talon's main page.

    Click here to see a demo.

  • Snippy

    Capture areas of your screen and then paste them as images into any application you wish.

  • Websnapr

    Takes screenshots of websites that you can then use on your VLE or in your files.

  • Gadwin Printscreen

    Similar to Snippy, this software gives you more options with how you use your image once you have captured it.

  • Free Screen Capturer

    Another Screen Capture tool to download.  The interface is nice and it also lets you take a series of screenshots and string them together to make a quick animation.  It does require (free) registration to use.

  • PrtScr

    This lets you capture with freehand movements or by region, and annotate and draw on your snips on the fly.  You do need to have a good graphics card to use it though.

    Watch this short video to see PrtScr in action.

Screen Recording

  • Camstudio

    This open source software will record your actions on your PC and save them as an AVI or flash video file.  

    Once you have made your recording, you can save it as an AVI file and then edit it with some video editing software, like Windows Movie Maker.

  • Screencast-O-Matic

    This website lets you record you screen and the upload the resulting video it for free onto thier website.

    Everything runs from within your web browser, there is not extra software to install.

  • Screen Castle

    Another website that let's you record your screen.  The unique thing about this site is that there is just one button to press, so it's very easy to use

  • Screen Toaster

    Like Screen Castle & ScreenCast-O-Matic, this is a free website that lets you record your screen.

    Watch this short video to see Screen Toaster in action.

  • Screen Jelly

    Another "one button" website that lets you record your screen just by clicking one button.