On this page you will find links to sites that allow you easily increase the accessibility of your on-line course or resources.

For a complete guide to web and on-line accessibility please click here.

Speech to Text

If you use Google Chrome as a web browser then you can visit for free speech to text conversion.  Please note your computer will need a microphone in order to make use of this site.
If your work doesn't have Google Chrome installed, then you can download it and run it without admin rights using Portable Chrome.

Text to Speech

Sound Gecko will convert any web page into an MP3 which you can download and listen to on the go.
These websites let you type or paste in some text and then convert it into a spoken MP3 sound file which can then be embedded into your online course.
Which one you use is a matter of personal preference.
If you don't fancy using on-line resources to convert text to speech then you can also download one of the following applications that do the same job:
You can also install this free add on for Microsoft Word which will read documents out loud for you:

Text Re-sizers

Whilst it's possible to add widgets to your course page(s) that let users change the size of the text on the page, it's much more effective to teach them how to use their web browser to change the size of the text, this way they will be able to increase the text size on any website, not just yours.

Translate your site

One of the best things about putting your course materials online is that they can then be automatically translated to other languages via free services like Google's language translator.  

This lets you add a small widget to your course page that lets users choose the langauge they'd like to use.

Make any website easier to read or print

Below you will find links that change the formatting of a website to make it easier to read and/or print:
  • Readability

  • Open Dyslexic - A free font & browser add-on which can make typed or printed text easier to read for people who have Dyslexia.

  • Scroll marker - A browser extension for Google Chrome which adds a small line across the page so that you can easily keep your place if you are reading long articles or passages of text off a website.

Assistive Technology Software for Students

Below you will find links to free software that you and your students can download:

  • JISC Techdis Toolbar - A free toolbar that students can install to thier web browser to customise the way web pages look, it also has an inbuilt text to speech system!

  • Access Apps - A suite of 50 free and open source pieces of software that you can download as a bundle which will run from a USB stick.  You can see the list of included software here.  Brilliant.

  • MyVisBar - Another collection of software, this time for students with visual difficulties.

  • Assist IT - Another large collection of free downloads, unlike Access Apps each piece of software must be downloaded separately.

  • Free Reading Tools for Students - A collection of free bits of software designed to help students read the text on a computer screen.

Google's Accessibility guide to it's apps and services