In the UK, Moodle is the most popular Virtual Learning Environment and so on this page I have included links to training resources that will show you how to use it.
Please click on a link to get started:
  • Key To School - On this site you can set up your own Moodle server for free!

  • Poodle - Lets you install and run Moodle on a USB stick

  • Moodle Tools Guide for Teachers - A fab 1 sheet printable guide outlining how all of Moodle's tools can be used.  You may also wish to have a read of my Scenario Based Design page which gives you a methodology on how you can use this effectively when designing a Moodle course.

  • Moodle tutorials by educators for educators - A collection of tutorials on written by the Moodle community.

  • Moodle Training Videos - A nice collection of training videos to get you started.

  • Using Moodle, 2nd Edition - This is an online version of the book written by Jason Cole & Helen Foster made freely available to the Moodle community.  

    You can purchase printed versions of the book

  • Two minute Moodle tutorials - A large collection of "how 2" videos made by Tomaz Lasic.

  • Moodle Tutorials - Another large collection of Moodle How 2 videos - this  features videos made by people all over the world, it's a bit like YouTube, but just for Moodle.

  • MyMoodle Books - A collection of HTML books providing staff training on using moodle.

A brief presentation of Moodle, an open source learning management system.

The video is also available on and 

You can view and download the slides that were used in this video on SlideShare:

Creating the perfect Moodle course by Mark Drechsler