DVD Tools

On this page you will find links to sites that let you convert DVDs to digital video files (aka Ripping) and vice versa (aka Burning).

Click on a link to learn more:

  • Master your Digital Media with VLC (DVD ripping) - This article shows you how to rip DVD video onto your computer hard disc using VLC Media player.

  • DVD Flick (DVD burning) - This free software lets you put digital video files from your computer onto a normal DVD for people to watch.  It also lets you create menus so that people can choose which file or 'chapter' they wish to view.

  • DVD Styler - This is very similar to DVD Flick but it gives you more control over the menus that people can use on the resulting DVD.  The downside is that it can't recognise as many different file types as DVD Flick.
DVD Flick in action.