Using ready made online videos

On this page you'll my pick of the best websites that let you watch on-line videos & upload your own for other people to watch.

Although there are dozens of site that let you do this I've only listen the ones that I rate highly & use on a regular basis:
  • YouTube -The worlds most popular video site.  

    If you make use of Youtube then you should also take a look at Mashable's guide to getting more out of it.

    If you need to show students a short clip from within a You Tube video then you can use SnipSnip to extract & embed just the bit from the video you want.  Alternatively you might want to check out EmbedPlus, a free online tool that lets you annotate, crop & zoom into YouTube videos. 

  • TED - Ideas worth spreading - TED (Technology, Entertainment, Design) is an invitation-only event where the world's leading thinkers and doers gather to find inspiration.

    You may also find this online spreadsheet of all of the TED talks useful!

  • Vimeo - This is my first choice for video hosting as it lets you password protect the videos you upload so that only your students can see them.  Typically I'll embed the video in question into the class' VLE page and then provide the password to watch it on the same page.

  • MovieClips - This is a new website that lets you embed clips from 100's of Hollywood movies into your class webpage legally.

  • Knowmia - Watch thousands of video lessons on various topics.