Web Address (URL) Shorteners

On right this page you will find websites that let you reduce the length of long web addresses.

In education these can be useful when sending out websites to students as long addresses can be quite intimidating to less confident students, they can also prove tricky if you want to send them via text messages or Twitter where the number of letters you can use per message is limited.


Which address would you rather receive?


Both point to the same page but second address has been processed by a URL shorter - hopefully you'll agree that web address b) is a bit easier to deal with!

Pick a site on the right to get started.

As each of the sites listed below achieves the same result it's just a matter of personal preference as to which one you use:

  • Bit.ly - Currently the world's most popular URL shortener, it also lets you define custom short URLs and so is my top pick. 

  • Goo.gl - Google's URL shortener, not only will this track the number of hits your shortened URL has received, it even makes QR codes for you on the fly.
  • Tiny URL - This used to be the #1 url shortner until it was taken over by bit.ly.