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Consultancy services, workshops and keynote talks

With almost 15 years of industry, learning and communications technologies experience I can provide consultancy and bespoke solutions to meet your training, educational, logistical or strategic needs.

Work smarter, not harder

My consultancy services, workshops and keynote talks are focussed on enabling individuals and organisations to gain the confidence and competence they need to seamlessly integrate technology into their working practices; allowing them to work smarter, not harder. Thus making efficiency and cost savings as well as broadening their collective ability to apply technology based solutions to future challenges.

Solutions and training tailored to you.

I use a Scenario Based Design process to establish your goals first, and then identify free and open source tools and technologies which you might use to achieve those goals.  I then present a breakdown of the pros and cons of using each tool so that you are able to make an informed choice, before any staff development programmes are created or bespoke work undertaken.

All proposed solutions are results based, focussing on hands on training, learning by doing and enabling effective collaboration with colleagues and peers.

No expensive licenses or up-selling

As I specialise in providing training and software solutions using free and open source software I only ever charge you for my time - and you'll have the ability to continue to use and fully modify the solutions I provide for free for as long as you wish to use them without having to make annual investments in software licences.