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Lots of new #free #tools & #resources for #teachers & #businesses!

posted 7 Jul 2015, 04:05 by Paul Andrews

Hi all!

We are back once again with another collection of free tools & utilities which can make your working life easier.  

New resources for Educators

e've added a number of new sections to the site, the first of which being a new section to the 'Free Resources for Educators' section called Noise Level Monitors.  

On this page you'll find free tools and resources that you can use to monitor and display the noise level of a class, so far we've added two free tools that do this:

Our second new section is called 'Computer control' and here you will find free tools that let educators see what's going on in computer-labs and show a demo to pupils on the machines they are using, so far we only have one free entry on this list but more are coming...

Our final new section for educators covers the emerging topic of 3D printing, we expect this one to grow rapidly over the coming months and years but for now it contains just one resource:

Lastly we've added some new resources to the following existing pages:

New resources for businesses

We've also added a new resource to the e-commerce tools section for businesses:

  • Open Cart - this is a free an open source solution, although you will need to host it on your own web server, or hire a server to host it for you.

That's all for now.

Thanks for reading.


Introducing i-Organiser, a new way to Organise your school #edtech #education

posted 1 Jul 2015, 04:53 by Paul Andrews

It's been a while since our last news update, mostly because we've been incredibly busy working with schools and business clients as well as finding and sharing new free tools via our social media accounts.  However we are back with another slew of updates that have been made to this main website, along with some exciting news about a brand new service we are offering to schools, i-Organiser.

i-Organiser is a secure, private website, that only you and your teaching staff can access.

It allows staff to access all of the information, resources and materials that they need to do their jobs, from any device that can access the internet, from anywhere in the world.

The look and feel of i-Organiser can be customised to meet your needs and all of its features can be customised to meet your school's individual needs.

If you'd like to take our free online demo for a spin then you can do so by visiting:

New free resources

We've also added some great free resources to the website which you can make use of, they are as follows:

Added to the Online Safety page:
Added to the Google Drive/Google Docs page:
That's all for now, thanks for reading!


New free drawing packages, a FREE version of MineCraft (@minetest_c55) for use in schools & a new talk on e-safety for educators and parents.

posted 26 Feb 2015, 05:11 by Paul Andrews


We've added a new page to the site called  Drawing Packages (Digital Art), on this page you'll be able to access free resources which let learners draw and make digital art

We are also doing a lot of work in schools at the moment using Minetest, it's a free and open source version of MineCraft and can be used for teaching virtually any aspect of any curriculum, you can access this new page here.

Finally, we delivered an e-safety talk to staff and parents at Lawn Primary school in Derby this week, if you'd like to see what was covered and gain access to all of the resources mentioned, then you can do so by clicking here.

That's all for now!



Use Skype from a web browser, a free speech to text tool & using Evernote to make Health & Safety observations easier in the workplace.

posted 16 Jan 2015, 03:24 by Paul Andrews

Added to the Skype page:

Added to the Accessibility page:

  • Free Speech to Text Software

    If you use Google Chrome as a web browser then you can visit for free speech to text conversion.  Please note your computer will need a microphone in order to make use of this site.

If your work 
doesn't have Google Chrome installed, then you can download it and run it without admin rights using Portable Chrome.
What we are watching

A new comic strip generator (@phrase_it), a Mind Mapping tool (@MindMup) & @DBinboxApp enables learners to submit work to your @Dropbox

posted 27 Nov 2014, 10:12 by Paul Andrews   [ updated 27 Nov 2014, 10:13 ]

Added to the Comic Strip Generators page:

  • - This lets you add speach and thought bubbles to a photo of your choosing.

Added to the Mind Mapping page:
  • MindMup - This free Mind mapping tool lets you save directly to Google Drive.

Added to the Dropbox page:


What we are watching...

Basically next Summer really can't come fast enough... :)

2 new events: A FREE workshop on Google Apps for #Business in Telford & a talk about safeguarding Social Media in Schools in Cardiff.

posted 3 Nov 2014, 02:15 by Paul Andrews

We are very pleased to announce two new events that Paul will be speaking at this and next month.

First up we have a FREE workshop on using Google Apps for Business taking place at The Shropshire Chamber of Commerce on the 20th November between 12:30 - 14:30:
Secondly, Paul will be delivering a talk on Safeguarding Social Media inside and outside of School at the ICT for Education conference being held in Cardiff on 11th December at Cardiff City Football Stadium:

Lots of new #Education and #Computing resources & new tools for using #Gmail with your #Business

posted 10 Oct 2014, 08:56 by Paul Andrews

New Resources for Business

  • SndLatr - Write emails and then schedule them to be sent at a later time/date which you specify.

  • HTML Inserter for Gmail - This add on for Google Chrome lets you put HTML into your emails, which means you can send out nicely formatted Emails to clients in the same fashion that Mail Chimp does.

New Resources for Education

New pages added to the site!
  • Virtual Class Trips - Showcasing some of the best free tools and resources teachers can use to take their class on a virtual field trip, anywhere in the world (and in some cases... off world!)

  • Typing Games & Practice Activities - Free resources that you can use with your learners to help them to learn how to type.

  • Computational Thinking -  On this page you can find resources to support the teaching of Computational Thinking.

  • Wikipedia & Wikimedia -  On this page you'll find resources that enable you to make use of Wikipedia and Wikimedia with your learners.

Added to the Online Quizzes & Tests page:

  • Socrative - Create online quizzes and tests which learners can then access wither via a web page, or vi  free mobile & tablet app.
Added to the Low Cost Devices section:

New FREE #presentation tools, #Scratch for #iPad, an example of one of the #workshops we run for teachers & getting started with #3DPrinting

posted 16 Sep 2014, 05:20 by Paul Andrews   [ updated 16 Sep 2014, 05:26 ]

Added to the Presentation tools page:

Added to the 'Examples of our work' page:

  • Lawn Primary School World Cafe - This was a bespoke workshop designed for and delivered to teaching staff at Lawn Primary School in Derby.  The purpose of this workshop was to begin the planning process for the school's new E-Learning strategy by asking staff to identify how they would like to integrate technology into their existing working practices.
Added to the 'iPad apps' page:

Added to the 3D Modelling page:

  • Tinkercad - With Tinkercad you can quickly turn your idea into a CAD model for a 3D printer.

Get pupils #coding via @codeorg & @CUPUKschools, find #business networking events via @findnetworking, track #Gmail & view 2 new #infographics about Online Safety & using #Socialmedia effectively.

posted 26 Jun 2014, 09:28 by Paul Andrews   [ updated 26 Jun 2014, 09:29 ]

Added to the Coding & Programming page:

Added to the Business Networking page:

Added to the Gmail for business page:
  • Signals - Track who's opened your email and what web links contained in your email they have clicked on.

Added to the Social Media for business page

Added to the Internet Safety page

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