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A new chart making website, two more YouTube tools and some great audio & video broadcasting/conferencing software.

posted 11 May 2009, 13:50 by Paul Andrews   [ updated 11 May 2009, 13:52 by Paul Andrews ]

The following has been added to Diagramming Software Page

  • - This is a nice site that lets you make interactive pie charts, graphs and maps that you can then embed into web pages on your VLE or blog.

The following have been added to YouTube Tools Page

  • Caption Tube  - This site lets you add sub-titles and captions to a YouTube video.

  • Video2mp3 - This site lets you download the audio from a YouTube video as an MP3 file.

Finally the following have been added to the Video & Audio Broadcasting/Conferencing page

  • Voxli - Best used when you need to voice chat with a group of people whilst working collaboratively using another web application.

    If you need to work collaboratively with a group of people using a site like Google Docs, it sometimes helpful to be able to talk with them whilst you do it.  Voxli lets you create a voice chat room for you and up to 200 other people to communicate in.  It's free and easy to set up, each chat room has it's own web address which you just end to people if you want them to join.

  • Procaster - Best used when you need to run "live" computer training to many people who can't actually be in the same room as you.

    Procaster is a piece of software that you download and install onto your computer.  It then lets you broadcast a live video stream of you webcam, or any piece of software that's running on your computer coupled with audio from a mic that you may have plugged in.  Viewers can then watch the video stream on a normal web page and are even given a chat room to ask you questions in.

    Whilst voice chat is not provided, if you run this alongside Voxli or Oovoo/Skype you have a very powerful remote training and support system.

    This means you can easily run 'live' training sessions with people if you want to, and when you aren't running a live broadcast, you can configure the viewer to show previous training sessions or videos from sites like YouTube - it's brilliant and I urge you to try it!

Click here to watch a demo of what you can do with Procaster