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E-portfolios & using the iPod to blog and broadcast audio & video

posted 25 Oct 2010, 03:08 by Paul Andrews   [ updated 25 Oct 2010, 03:09 by Paul Andrews ]
New section added: e-portfolios

I've finally added an e-portfolio page to the site, originally I left it off because I couldn't find a solution that met my needs, i.e. a free open source scalable soloution that allows students to create and manage their own online portfolios easily.

However,I recently came across the Googlios project and it's exactly what was looking for so I've added it to the site.

Added to ipod touch page:
  • - Stream live video from your ipod touch to the web.
  • Twitcasting - Sstream live video or audio from your ipod touch to the web.
  • Audioboo - Create podcasts from your ipod.
  • Posterous - Create a blog and post to it via the ipod.
That's all for today!