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Learn MS Office keyboard shortcuts, download free MS Office training guides, hold group video chats on mobiles & contribute to my podcast!

posted 1 Sep 2011, 11:47 by Paul Andrews   [ updated 9 Sep 2011, 13:03 by Paul Andrews ]
Added to the Microsoft Office Training & Support page:

  • Efficiency - A free piece of software that teaches you all of the handy keyboard shortcuts for both Windows & MS Office.
You can download several free PDF books that cover a wide variety of office applications from BookBoon.

Added to the iPod/iPhone page:
  • Fring - Lets you hold 1-2-many video chats.
Added to my E-learning Podcast page:

If you'd like to contribute towards the podcast then you can! 

I want to run a regular(ish) feature where other educators talk about what their favorite free and/or open source e-learning resource is and how they make use of it with their learners.

If you'd like to contribute then all you need to do is record a 2 - 4 minute MP3 which introduces yourself and the resource you wish to tell people about, outlining why you like it so much and how you use it to enhance teaching and learning and then send it to me via this online form:
Once I get it I'll drop you a line to let you know I've got it and then, once I've edited it, send you a preview to listen to & approve before it goes out.

NB: If you aren't sure how to make a short MP3 then head over to my Sound Recording
 page for links to free sites & software that'll get you started.