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Lots of interesting ways that you can use e-learning resources & a new music site added.

posted 9 Apr 2010, 13:25 by Paul Andrews   [ updated 9 Apr 2010, 13:27 by Paul Andrews ]


I've added a series of excellent presentations by Tom Barrett which provide examples of how you can make use of some of the resources listed on the site within the classroom.

You can view the complete collection here.

The pages which have had the presentations added into them are listed below:

Multimedia Broadcasting & Conferencing
Sound Recording & Editing
Sound Effects & Music
Collaborative Whiteboards
Google Wave
Word/Tag cloud makers
Google Docs
Presentation tools

And finally I've updated the following page:

  • Grooveshark - This site lets you search for songs and then provides you with a web address (URL) that you can link to from any document or embed them via it's own custom widget straight into your web page or VLE.