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Momindum Studio added to Powerpoint Tools

posted 16 Sep 2008, 08:50 by Paul Andrews   [ updated 16 Sep 2008, 08:53 by Paul Andrews ]

"Are you in need of creating a quick presentation without taking too much time on it? If you are, then you definitely have to check out 

Within this site, you’ll be able to find the software (and it’s free), that will allow you to create quick presentations from scratch, without having them look like they were put together by a two-year-old that just discovered PowerPoint. 

The download is fairly quick, and the features will make it worth every second. You’ll be creating presentations in no time, thanks to this easy to use software. 

It’s great when companies let you have great software for free. It boosts ups users’ confidence and will make people consider buying future products. 

Whether you’re in real estate or you need to dazzle your boss with an impeccable presentation, you’ll find this more than useful. Since it’s free, there’s no harm in trying it out, you might even fall in love with it."