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Print out documents as PDF files, create collaborative note walls & make free online webinars.

posted 31 Aug 2009, 07:00 by Paul Andrews   [ updated 31 Aug 2009, 07:02 by Paul Andrews ]


3 more updates for you today:

Added to the PDF Tools page:

  • PDF Creator

    Another tool that does the same job as Cute PDF & PDF Forge - this is the one I use on a daily basis.

  • Wallwisher - This lets you create an online notice board that students can leave messages on as virtual "post-it" notes.

    The notes can include images and movies as well as text and once a message has been posted it can be moved around the board easily - well worth a look!

  • Zentation - This is a nifty website that lets you synchronise powerpoint slides with youtube videos to create free on demand webinars.

    Using this site you can video a lesson or lecture and then combine it with the powerpoint that was used during the session so that students can experience the lesson again any time they like.