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YouTube tools, a Doodle Wall, more online videos & broadcasting live video from within Second Life.

posted 22 Apr 2009, 06:16 by Paul Andrews   [ updated 22 Apr 2009, 06:17 by Paul Andrews ]
Additions to the YouTube Tools page.

  • KeepHD - KeepHD lets you download videos off Youtube in both HD and mobile phone (3GP) formats.
  • YouTubeReloaded - Similar in function to Mix Tube however I prefer it's cleaner interface and resulting playlist which can be embedded into another web page or blog.
  • Youtubetime - This is similar to the previously added Splicd, it lets you link to a specific point in time in a YouTube video.

Additions to the Collaborative Whiteboards page

  • DoodleWall - This is a nice site that lets you create an online "wall" that your students can draw on.

Additions to the Online videos page

  • Lectr - This is a knowledge sharing community where members and visitors alike can watch lectures online as regards a wide variety of topics.
Additions to the Second Life mini site

A new page has been added to the Second Life mini site. On this page you will find resources that let you video events in Second Life and either broadcast them "live" to a web page or save and edit them for later playback via your institutions VLE or blog.