Group work

During your time at university or college, you might be asked by your tutors to do some group work.  Ideally you want to meet up face to face with everyone in your group as often as possible, but sometimes this can't be achieved due to other commitments.  So on this page you'll find free tools that let you communicate and collaborate with others, without having to physically meet up with them.
  • Google Docs - This is a free web based service that lets you make collaborative presentations, spreadsheets and word processed documents.  If you have to make a group presentation then you may want to consider using Google docs.

  • Skype - This is a great tool for holding group text or audio chats, it works really well in conjunction with Google docs, as ou can all talk to one another whilst you work on your presentation from different computers.

  • - If you want to have a video conference with your group then you might want to take a look at this free website.

  • - Lets you share your computer screen so others can watch it via a web browser or smartphone.  It's really handy if you want to show group members how you are doing something on your own computer.    
Skype explained visually