Keep your computer happy

On this page you'll find links to free software and services that you can use to keep your computer running as trouble free as possible:

General Maintenance (Windows & Mac)

Windows based machines slow down as time goes by, mostly because the more you use a PC the more cluttered it gets and so the slower it runs.

The links below will take you to a list of software that can de-clutter your machine and restore to its 'just out of the box' speed (or something close to it):
Macs require considerably less maintence to keep them running smoothly but they do also slow down eventually so you may wish to consider installing and running these free apps:

Software & Driver Updaters (Windows & Mac)

The links below will take you to free software which you can download to automatically scan your machine and then let you know if there are any new versions for the applications and/or drivers you have installed on your machine and give you the option of downloading and installing them - saving you lots of time & hassle in keeping your machine up to date:
  • File Hippo Update Checker - This will scan your machine for out of date software and then let you download any available updates for free.

  • Device Doctor - This will scan your machine for out of date drivers and then give you links to download the latest versions of any outdated ones that you have on your machine.
If you own a Mac and have purchased apps from the App Store then you'll be alerted automatically when new versions are out, however for applications that were not downloaded form the app store you may wish to consider downloading CNET's TechTracker software:

Anti-Virus Software (Windows & Mac)

Windows does not (yet) come with an anti-virus programme out of the box so it's up to you to ensure you have one installed on your computer.  Thankfully there are lots of great, free anti-virus applications out there, the link below will take you to some of the best:
If you are a Mac user then you can download the free Sophos Anti Virus software via the link below:

Data Recovery (Windows)

If you've accidentally deleted files and/or folders AND emptied the recycle bin then you'll need some data recovery software to get it back.  The link below will discuss some of the best software available for recovering files that might otherwise be lost.

System Restore Tools (Windows)

Sometimes you need to do more that recover the odd file or folder and do a complete system restore.  The page linked below discusses some of the best software for performing a complete backup and restore of your entire computer: